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A Message to You


Mark Puppe

Communications Specialist


My Reason

Audiences cannot be coerced, they must consent to being convinced.

My Mission

Inspire audiences to embrace your message as their own.

My Vision

Wordwork continues as the go-to authority for replacing skepticism with confidence.

These perspectives counter the norm and their effectiveness make Wordwork a pioneer in strategic communication -- an unrivaled resource for making your message matter.

What messages do you need? You tell me. Then we'll engage unique, though proven, constructs to formulate content and strategies that create opportunities for audiences to understand you and why you're relevant and important. You'll be stimulating audiences and guiding them in the direction you need.

Wordwork is my own platform for performing as a:

  • Writer - engaging my pen to spare you concern about the power of yours.

  • Strategist - enlightening audiences to how you can fulfill their needs.

  • Pathfinder - enabling you to identify, embrace, and optimize opportunities.

  • Advocate - enhancing revenue, membership, and enthusiasm for your product, service, or idea.

  • Advisor - educating others how to communicate potently.

Clients' best interests drive this business. Let's work together!

Mark Puppe
Communications Specialist



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