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Kurt McSparron



"Mark is an exemplar; of dedication to small business, of passionate storytelling, and commitment to making a positive impact. I’ve had the privilege of working with Mark and reading his work. 

Andrew Jason

Director of the Ecosystem

Emerging Prairie

"It's difficult to find a writer who not only has a way with words, but also understands a business' challenges. Mark is that writer. He's talked to CEOs, entrepreneurs just starting their company and everything in-between.

Smart, talented and punctual. I don't think you can ask for much more in a writer."

Wordwork ensures your message reaches, impresses, and catalyzes your audience. Audiences will understand you and embrace your message as their own. They'll realize why investing in you means investing in themselves.

  • The commodities group securing $500,000 in matching
    state funds is not complaining


  • The nonprofit that enrolled members at $1,000 when its
    goal was $225 is happy.


  • Another nonprofit remains elated to have seen convention
    revenue double in one year.


  • A manufacturer finally got its petition backed by members of Congress.

These are not anomalies nor does Wordwork claim credit for all the results, but they were considered unattainable before Wordwork entered the picture.


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Mark Puppe



"I'm honored to have helped  clients of all kinds and sizes. They get the credit for my work, so I'm introducing only a few.

I enjoy working under the radar."

Austen Schauer

Business Director


"Working with Mark has been nothing short of outstanding. Mark is a proven professional with extreme knowledge of both business and employees' needs. What a terrific resource!"

Jeremy Zwinger


The Rice Trader

"Your help expanded our presence as an international agency and conference host.  You've been a rewarding investment."